Attestation & Travel Related Services

As a credible institution, we invest in our relations with our customers and service partners alike. Our associations with government bodies, Embassies, Consulates and global companies make us a reliable partner and efficient service provider. We offer strategically crafted Services.

Personal Certificate Attestation

For verification of Personal Certificates, each state has a different Home Department office and documents have to be attested from the issuing state. This is mandatory step in certificate attestation process.

State HRD Attestation

For verification of educational certificates, each state has a different HRD office and documents have to be attested from the issuing state. This is mandatory step in educational certificates attestation process.

State COC Attestation

Attestation of Commercial documents by the chamber of commerce plays a very important role. For this process, certificates are submitted to the Chamber of Commerce and upon stamping the it confirms the genuinity of the document.

MEA Attestation

For all travelers who are seeking employment or studies in a foreign country, attestation of documents by Ministry of External Affairs is a mandatory step. The documents are attested to verify the authenticity of the documents.

Embassy Legalization

This is a legalization step adopted by the country from where a document is originating. It can be an educational/ personal or commercial document which needs verification from the home country. Original certificates are used for this attestation by Embassies.

Visa & Passport Services

We specialize in visit, business, research, work and study visas for individuals, groups and companies globally. Passport services like booking appointment, document checklists and preparation, verification of documents is done by our trained team.

Language Translation Services

We provide service which involves human translators who are trained to communicate a message from a source language to an end language, hence enabling a larger audience to understand the right meaning of the information translated.

Overview of ANR Overseas

When it comes to the attestation industry, its services and its broad spectrum like Document Attestation, Birth Certificate Attestation, Degree Certificate Attestation, Embassy attestation, MEA Attestation, you can count on ANR Overseas Services to complete the services with 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed. We can help in various services around attestation, visas, passports and language translation. Our aim is to meet the demands of our client with utmost dedication and taking feedback positively.

Our document attestation services projects and service management allows us to give personal attention to our clients who invest their trust and confidence in us to complete their embassy attestation services. We proactively address the challenges through facilitated conversations with the clients and the team and assure that your work with by managed with agility.

We commit to conduct our business in an open, transparent and professional manner.

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