Certificate Attestation Services for Various Countries

Certificate Attestation Services For Various Countries

Certificate Attestation Services for Various Countries

Unlike the purchase of other commodities, travel is one domain that requires one to take care of probably ‘n’ number of formalities before reaching the final stage of final consumption. One of the formalities or processes that is crucial in almost every travel-related checklist is the certificate attestation.

What is certificate attestation?

It is the process of verifying the significant documents of the person traveling to foreign country by a department or individual in authority. The authority that issued the certificate can confirm its legitimacy by attesting the certificates, and any incorrect information presented by the person can be easily verified.
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Attestation services is a large umbrella that takes into its radius things like verification of Personal Certificates, Educational Certificates, attestation of commercial documents etc.

To have a better understanding of how these necessities and formalities are helpful, it would be better to understand the implication of the certificate attestation in case of traveling to countries like Malaysia, China, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and UAE.

1. Certificate Attestation for Malaysia

Malaysia is one of the least populated countries of Asia and is a reserve of loads of opportunities of work and education, secure environment and a lot of potential. The Malaysia Embassy follows a rather cumbersome and lengthy process for certificate attestation.

For the purposes of employment or work visa, business setup, changing the sponsorship or changing the resident visa, changing the profession and moving to a job with a higher wage, educational certificate attestation services for Malaysia are necessary. It also allows admission in colleges or universities of Malaysia.

While personal document attestation for Malaysia helps in unlocking residence visa and related features, attestation of commercial documents for Malaysia allows one to set up business in the country including export and import.

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2. Certificate Attestation for Saudi Arabia

The purpose of Certificate Attestation for Saudi Arabia is pretty much the same as Malaysia and other countries in each case, i.e, personal, educational and commercial. However, one of the biggest reasons for travel to Saudi Arabia is different from that of Malaysia. Saudi Arabia provides low cost of living and free-of-tax salaries, which in turn says a lot about its advantageous financial prospects.

While it takes about 7-10 days for the attestation process to complete in case of personal and commercial documents, it takes around 2 months in case of educational documents.

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3. Certificate Attestation for China

China offers impressively low cost of living, standard of life, lots of growth opportunities and not to mention the great food! It is growing rapidly in terms of infrastructure and technology. In Fact, China is leading the world with the highest number of subway systems: 40 cities in China now have subways – almost three times as many as in the USA.

Certificate Attestation for China too unlocks the same opportunities as Malaysia and Saudi Arabia. The difference lies in the process with which the respective embassies carry out the certificate attestation. The China Embassy may require the following documents for certificate attestation.

  • Original Certificate
  • All Year or Semester Mark Sheets Copy
  • Passport Copy of the Certificate holder
  • Offer letter copy
  • 2 Passport Size Photos

Ideally, the process takes about 4-6 days to complete. To know the details of the process involved, benefits and charges for Certificate Attestation for China.

4. Certificate Attestation for Qatar

For white-collar workers, Qatar offers better career prospects, higher salaries and tax-free living. Which means, travelers often require certificate attestation of commercial or personal documents.

Processing time for Qatar Embassy Attestation Services is ideally between 4 to 6 working days. But for certain cases, where the issuing authority of the certificate is in an inaccessible area, the processing may take up to 30 days.

AnR Overseas provides information and assistance regarding certificate attestation for Qatar. This covers in detail the processes, charges and benefits involved.

5. Certificate Attestation for UAE

Be it the lifestyle and leisure or the impeccable quality of education, UAE is a wholesome place to be in and there is a bulk of travelers moving for business, residency or education to UAE from all around the world.

AnR Overseas provides information and assistance regarding Certificate Attestation for UAE. This covers in detail the processes, charges and benefits involved.

Here’s mentioning the government departments taking care of certification attestation for UAE, which is also applicable to other countries as well (including the ones discussed above)

  • Education certificates – Human Resource Department
  • Personal certificates – Home Department, Ministry of External Affairs
  • Commercial Certificates – Chamber of Commerce

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