Everything You Need To Know Before You Get Your Attestation Services for China Embassy

Attestation Services for China

Everything You Need To Know Before You Get Your Attestation Services for China Embassy

Getting a visa can be a nerve-wracking process. Careers and major opportunities are at stake every time one applies for a visa. So making sure everything goes smoothly is necessary. Each country has its own rules and regulations. And to make the right decision, you need to learn the most about it.

With 2nd highest GDP on the globe, it is a land booming with opportunities and beauty. From education to production, China has a lot to offer. If you find yourself looking for a trip to China soon, you might be interested in reading more about

Why Get China Embassy Attestation Services?

Getting China Embassy Attestation Services can be for many different reasons. A few major ones are:

  1. To get the employment visa
  2. For a family residence visa
  3. For higher education
  4. To get admission to school

Before submitting a legal document to the Chinese Embassy, you must get the document notarized by a local Notary Public Office in India and attested by the Ministry of External Affairs, Branch Secretariat. The attestation authenticates the document. It helps validate the document to prevent any issues in the future.

How do I get China Embassy Attestation?

It requires the legalization of certificates/documents from China Embassy. Like all traditional countries, it is a compulsory procedure for all kinds of visas. If you are pursuing your higher studies, you will have to get all educational documents attested. China requires all educational and personal documents to grant you a visa. Sometimes, you may need to present financial documents as well.

Depending on the type of visa, the documents required may vary. You can get an accurate list of all the documents required on the China Embassy’s website. It is always good to have all documentation ready in case you require it.

Which Chinese Embassy Do I Apply to?

The Chinese embassy has sectioned off the applications. It has 3 embassies in India. They are in Mumbai, Kolkata, and Delhi. Applications are zoned as per:

  • Applicants from the state of Maharashtra and Karnataka apply at the Consulate General of China in Mumbai
  • Applicants from the state of West Bengal, Odisha, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, and Bihar apply at the Consulate General of China in Kolkata
  • Applicants from the rest of India apply at the Chinese Embassy in Delhi

Choose the location where you fit in the best. For any confusion, feel free to reach out to us with your questions. We are experts with years of experience with attestation services for multiple countries.

What is the cost of attestation services?

The cost of attestation services from the Chinese Embassy may vary depending on the circumstances. We can help you with the latest attestation services pricing for your needs so you can get the right help to ease your process.

As mentioned, this process can be grueling, and we always suggest getting the right consultation. Ensure you are ready for the process. And mainly, don’t forget to enjoy the thrill before you make your way to China!

So if you are looking for reliable attestation services for the China embassy attestation, you can reach out to us on Whatsapp, email, or call.


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