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People from all over the world often make a visit to foreign country for academic-purposes, holidays, work and business. If you are also making a plan to visit another country for any of the above stated purposes, you need to know the importance of document attestation. The below information is an endeavor to put in the picture how attestation services will help you in travelling abroad.

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People who seeking higher education or employment in a foreign country need to submit their educational and personal certificates as required by the Institute/employer. For instance, if you are applying to an foreign educational institute, you will be asked to submit your educational and personal certificates like academic certificate, mark-sheets, transfer-certificates, birth certificates, marriage certificates etc. Similarly, for overseas employment, you will be required to provide your degree certificates, marriage certificates, birth certificates and previous experience certificates as well.

On the other hand, if you want to migrate to foreign country where your spouse has already settled, you may be required to submit your personal certificates like your marriage certificate, medical certificate, birth certificate etc.

Likewise, for a business visit, an applicant will have to submit commercial certificates like export invoice, certificate of origin, packaging list, power of attorney etc. So in all these cases, these said certificates have to get attested by the respective department followed by MEA (ministry of external affairs) and respective embassy. The prime objective of certificate attestation is to ensure that all these certificates are genuine and are issued by a valid institute/board/entity or authority.

The process of attestation/apostille may differ based on the type of certificate attestation service you want to avail. Attestation services may be of various types such as; Embassy Attestation, HRD Attestation, Home Department Attestation, GAD Attestation, MEA Attestation etc.

 Accordingly, the required certificates need to get attested from the designated authorities using a universally accepted stamp and seal with signature. For example; in the case of commercial certificates attestation, the same has to be pre-authenticated by the respective Chambers of Commerce before getting these certificates attested by the Ministry of External Affairs and respective embassy.

Similarly, in the case of educational certificates, it should be verified and attested by the university and State HRD Department.

If you are on a look out for any such professional and certified attestation and apostille service provider, you may opt for ANR Overseas Services. This company is registered with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, New Delhi, which takes care of the entire attestation cycle at an affordable price.

Besides rendering certificates attestation services, ANR Overseas Services also provide various additional services related to visa services, language translation, emigration services etc. If you have any further query regarding certificates attestation services, you may directly reach to the designated associates of the service provider at below mentioned contact details.

Certificate Attestation or Legalization can be done by courier/registered post from India and abroad.

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