What is the difference between Apostille Services and Attestation Services?

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What is the difference between Apostille Services and Attestation Services?

Traveling or moving abroad can raise the requirements of any kind of document. Some might need attested documents and some might need Apostille. For work, study, or living abroad, submitting the right document ensures you have the best chance at the opportunity.

You should choose the right Apostille service or the right document attestation services. Failure to get the attestation can result in the rejection of a visa. To ensure you are making the right decision, let’s find out about these processes:

What is Apostille?

These certificates are accepted by countries that are part of the Hague Convention. This convention protects children and their families against illegal, irregular, premature, or ill-prepared adoptions abroad. This attestation protects from the dangers of illegal human trade. Countries like Canada, Brazil, and UAE are not members of this convention. For these countries, you have to get the next type of document legalization.

Apostille is a one-type of document legalization that identifies if the required authorities have issued the official seals, stamps, and signatures on a document. These documents can include birth certificates, marriage certificates, court orders, educational certificates, and other public documents issued in another country but are not limited to these.

What is Attestation?

An attestation is a certification that a document and the signatures within are valid. Overall, it is a third-party recognition of a document’s validity. A person with no association, personal or professional can act as a witness of the attestation.

The attestation can be of 3 types:

  1. State Attestation

Before MEA attestation, state attestation is required. Depending on the document, the relevant state may be contacted. For some personal documents, you might have to the Home Department or General Administration Department to attest your document before moving forward. For educational documents like mark sheets or certificated, you would have to contact the State Education Department.

  1. MEA Attestation or Apostille

After state attestation, you can get MEA attestation, or Ministry of External Affairs attestation. These are certifies by the MEA before you move on to the next stage of attestation.

  1. Embassy Attestation

Embassy attestation is done following the MEA attestation/Apostille attestation.

Navigating the maze of attestation can be tricky. The best way to ensure your don’t face any issues would be to get reliable apostille services or document attestation services.


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